Download audio guide here

We hope that you enjoy your self guided walk through the Trinity College Trees exhibition.

You can choose from one of two walk options, either starting from the Main Square with the Oregon Maple tree or from behind the Science Gallery at the Physic Garden with the Yew tree. An audio guide has been created for each option. All you need to do is click on your desired option below, listen and enjoy!

Artworks ready to go…Yew tree

Yew ready to go lo res

The Yew Tree artwork ready for some additional work before installation on the 29th of September 2017.

Materials – Fluorescent yellow perspex, clear tubing and yellow paint.

Finished artwork will be installed on the railings of the triangular section of the physic garden behind the Science Gallery.

Sampling – the sage plant

David Hackett cutting samples from the sage plant in the Medicinal garden outside the Science Gallery.

Although the sage plant is obviously not a tree we were keen to include it as it will add extra sensory and healing aspects to the project.  

We also expect to get some wonderful images of the hairy surface of the sage leaves.  


Medicinal Garden


Medicinal garden – outside the Science Gallery.

We will take some samples of a few of the herbs here and choose based on the resultant imagery. We would like to include a herb that incorporates the sense of smell or taste to further enhance the self guided walk.

Of note: The Science Gallery have a pamphlet pertaining to this herb garden.

Image: Olivia Hassett