Installed artworks: Day 5 – The Crab Apple

The Crab Apple Tree

Crab Apple tree fruit norm view lo res

Image is of a intact crab apple and one that has been cut open ready to be imaged by the Scanning Electron Microscope

The artworks for the Crab Apple Tree were inspired by an early SEM image taken by Clodagh Dooley of the Advanced Microscope Laboratory (AML), Trinity College Dublin. See image below.

crab apple001 lo res

To follow see some of the other wonderful images captured by Dooley of samples taken from the Crab Apple tree.

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Each microscopic image taken for this project represents a snapshot in time for each leaf, branch and tree are in a constant state of change. For the crab apple tree artwork the artist decided to engage with this notion of time or more specifically the people that lingered in the Rose Garden between 12 noon and 2pm on Friday the 12th of May 2017. The resultant artwork reflects the mood and sentiments of ten willing participants who were resting in the intimate and peaceful surroundings of the Rose garden.

For the duration of the exhibition Hassett has installed ten red Fluorescent perspex pieces, which have been hung from various branches of the crab apple tree. The piece is reminiscent not only of rag trees where people tie ribbons around the branches of specific trees and ask for blessings but also trees of hope and remembrance. Together the ten pieces join together to represent an image taken of the dried out skin of the apple fruit (see above). Etched onto each Perspex element, in their own handwriting, is the participants response to the question ‘what do you think, feel about this space?’

To follow please find some images that represent the technical process of developing the perspex pieces.  Technical assistance from Ayelet Lalor was much appreciated.  

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On a bright Day at the end of September Derek and David Hackett helped me install the ten individual pieces, which were hung like ribbons from a rag tree.

Finally see below for some images of the ten perspex pieces installed in the Crab Apple Tree.

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