The Plane Tree


Pair of Plane Trees, Platanus orientalis (Trees no. 256 & 257) Opposite the Law Library

Of note: all plane trees (used frequently in cities) shed their bark every 2/3 years – good for getting rid of certain amounts of pollution.  The seed heads are globular in appearance.

Of interest: this pair of trees are very unusual looking because of their reaction to a infection in the main trunk during the infancy of the tree.   The nodules created during this infection continue to fall off regularly.  

Images: Olivia Hassett


Medicinal Garden


Medicinal garden – outside the Science Gallery.

We will take some samples of a few of the herbs here and choose based on the resultant imagery. We would like to include a herb that incorporates the sense of smell or taste to further enhance the self guided walk.

Of note: The Science Gallery have a pamphlet pertaining to this herb garden.

Image: Olivia Hassett