New shrub….Andy Goldsworthy

Trinity College-new shrub planted - bright red branches.JPG

While I was walking through campus recently I was drawn to a newly planted shrub beside the College park. The branches were glowing a bright red against the dark brown soil – I had to take a photo. See image below.

When I returned to my studio when I was reviewing the images from the day I revisited this photo and realised that it reminded me of some of the pieces that I had seen by artist Andy Goldsworthy. So I dragged out my beautiful coffee table book of his entitled Wood. See below some of the images from the book.

Andy Goldsworthy-book-wood-natural materials-epephemeral art works

Andy Goldsworthy-book-wood-single maple leaf covered in bright poppy petals alongside green leaves copy

Roadside poppy petals held with water to horsechestnut leaf, late evening calm.

Andy Goldsworthy-book-wood-thin branch covered in red poppy petals-bright red and green-opposing colours

Poppy petal wrapped hazel branch held with water raining. Stonewood, Dumfriesshire, 1 September 1992.

Andy Goldsworthy-book-wood-red maple leaves stretched between two branches

Maple leaves pinned with thorns between two trunks of a tree. Plano, Illinois, 24 October 1992.


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